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Down to the Middle Earth (1)

Title: Lord of The Ring Special Edition (Cut version)
Destination: Unknown
Passengers:  Frodo (and the ring) and Mr. Smith (Neo)
Money: $NZ 170 + $US 200, $NZ 330 + $US 16
Length: Not over one year

Nov 30, 2005 - Dec 1, 2005

It was the day for the beginning of the real extreme journey. Coming back from my hometown in the late morning, I had to continue packing my provisions. Actually it was only a couple of instant noodle (crazy, is not it?) and an old shimp-chilli powder (half of bottom) - just want to try NZ's agricultural section. The day was one of the busiest days in my life. Everything was very tight even that I postponed the day a week. Before I went to an expansive space where an ancient bird called Cathay Pacific can take me to the Middle Earth, I needed to go to Pantip to buy an adaptor due to my stupid idea. It was about the plug module which I thought I could just twist some plugs. That was true but finally I brought two plugs according to my guardian's suggestion.

Rushing to the airport in the shiny afternoon, it was nearly the time to fly. When I reached there, I had to check in and ran for the final calls. Wow, again that I was in the airport, the feeling of the unidentified feeling is always here - the feeling of the beginning, the feeling of the end, the feeling of the adventure, the feeling of a long journey, and the feeling of love. T-T

The noisy sound was going to get louder and louder, the plane stopped for the moment to take off.
Sucked back into the seat, I really do like the moment when the plane is starting to take off. And this was the real beginning for me to go for a real adventure. This flight needed to transit at HK and I had about an hour there. This was my second transit in my life, and it reminded me about my last trip to Chicago - transit at Narita airport (Japan). First path to HK was very short, only xxx hours, and what it was said as a refreshment on the ticket should be the dinner instead.

XXX hours later.

Passed through the cloud in the darkness, the plane stopped shaking and small window revealed tons of tiny light same as millions of star in the sky under down on the earth - like an airship was surfing the stars. At XXX airport (I am not sure where I was.), we arrived at gate 63 but needed to depart at gate 3. "Alright, it may not far from where I was", I was thinking to myself but I was wrong.

Wow, I could not remember that I have been to this airport before. Maybe was another HK airport or it was a long time ago or it has been rebuild - I dunno. It was a wonderful airport, looked modern and clean. It provided many horizon escalator and this helped me so much. Can you imagine about walking from gate 63 to gate 3? In Donmuang it must be fine, but here even using horizon escalator, it took me about 30 minutes to get done. Actually, it was almost the longest way to walk in this airport. The gate 4 was the farthest gate from the start point not gate 1 - weird. At gate 3, I had more about 15 minutes left, and many people were queuing in a long line. "Why did not they just sit and relax like me waiting for more minutes?" And when all people had gone I walked to check in with a cute Chinese girl. :-)

When my friend and I got on board, we surprisingly met a Thai air hostess who may be what we could called boss of air hostess - I mean higher level air hostess usually only one on each plane. In fact, we did not know that she is Thai, but my friend accidentally add suffix "krub" to the sentence so she knew and surprised. "Oh, Thai people. Anyone else?" And then she said, "I am going to see you soon." Anyway, her name was Rain.

After the flight took off for a while, P'Fon came to us with two bottles of water. "Oh, that is what I am looking for." I really appreciated that. We then had a little conversation. Talking about the sleeping's place for airhostess, she said that there are a cargo underneath, and this topic led us to a ghost story. Here it is. Long time ago in the flight's cargo, one air hostess went down to sleep as a usual habit, but when she walked into the cargo there was a girl sitting and was crying. "Why do not you going to sit up there??the air asked. The girl replied, "I cannot." "Why??the air asked again. "Please call my boyfriend.?girl said. So, the air went up to find her boyfriend. Finally she met her boyfriend, and told him about his girlfriend. But the man said, "I cannot.... my girlfriend is dead, and her corpse is in the cargo!!!?That is it.

Back to the human story, it seems that P'Fon was the best air I have ever met. She was even even better than JAL biz class's air hostesses! However, good service came with bad passengers, not else where just behind and nearby my seat. As I could guess, they must be Hongkongian. When they talked, they talked out loud. When other people sleep, they did not sleep (and kept talking - OUT LOUD). Plus always hit my seat. That was very annoyed, but this time I could get back. (Actually gave back.)

Since I had not sleep yet on the first flight (from Bkk to HK), so I would like to sleep ASAP. I asked P'Fon that would we have a dinner, and she replied yes so I kept my eyes opened for the dinner, but it took very long period and because my seat was the second line from the back so I needed more time to wait for the food (P'Fon passed by and said "the front seat have already finished the dinner T-T.

After the dinner had gone, I went to the toilet and brushed my teeth preparing to sleep soon. Backed to the seat, I was very sleepy and going to sleep, but then I knew how suffer people who take a long flight on economy class feel. This also was my first long flight on economy class. Small space plus annoyed Hongkongian, how could anyone sleep in a situation like this! In fact, I drank tea too :-(. (Also a little of wine, but they did not fight each other.)  I rarely slept and even slept, it was very short. I thought I should have a drug because the drug would cause me sleepier.

More nightmares still came, at first I thought this flight take 6 hours but finally I knew that it is 12 hours. (Not apply time zone!)

Woke up in the morning (just opened the eyes), the dizzy feeling was filled up to my head. "Not good, not good.", I was thinking. So, I ate a bun, which I saved it from the last meal. "Am.. getting better..." "Oh, brunch is coming soon."

After brunch, I felt better, but I left some of orange cake - mission failed. T-T (I intended to eat everything in front of me) And then after the first meal of the day, my life's rhythm was going to start. My seat was going to get warmer and warmer by warm and bad smell air. It kept going and going for a while. "Oh, no, it must be very useful now." Then I had a very good idea what to do with bad smell air. I moved my a** a bit to suit with the seat's hole, and continued releasing the air. "Ha ha, it is my turn.", my heart was laughing. Unfortunately, the plane was going to land soon. At least, I hoped that it was work.

After 11 hours of the suffering time, it was nearly the time to land. The plane was going to decrease the flying level. "Here we are, Aotearoa.", I thought. There were many tiny houses down there, and most of them have orange roof. Further away, I saw the tower but only one not two as seen in the movie. A few minutes later, the plane landed, and we went to immigration counter. After first and second interview (in agricultural section), we went out and were going to find the way to catch the bus. We asked Airport Help Desk and i-Site (Information Center), but it was not much helpful. We finally walked to the bus stop and we then saw the bus no., which we wanted to catch, so we knew where we could take the bus. The fact was that we were messed up by our tiny funny map.

At the bus stop, minute by minute, we waited for our bus but it seemed that no even the shadow of the bus. I cannot remember how long exactly we waited for the bus, may be an hour after the schedule. After we had waited for a long time, the bus was coming. First I stepped on and told the driver where we would like to go, but I told the wrong name. So, the driver was going to drive away. Fortunately, Frodo called the bus and we got on board again. Next, we caught the train and switched back to the bus again until we reach Waiuku city - very small city. We began to walk to our first host with our cute map. Luckily, we met our host while we were walking. She drove us to her home and showed us our sleeping place. This was just the first day here. There are a lot of story to go - love, hate, happy, sad, brave, frighten, nervous, stress, confused and sleepy...

Aotearoa - Land of the Long White Cloud

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