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Thank god...!!! Oh!!!

At the dining room, we are having dinner.  The food is our favorite which was cooked by you as usual.  You put some wine for you and me.  This beautiful time will last in my memory forever.  You always say that it is the happiness time when we having dinner together.

You ask me if I want to buy some souvenirs in the town, yes I will go on someday.  You tell me that you want to buy something for me.  yes, I want you to buy something for me, but I don't know what could it be.  And I ask you what do you want, I want to buy you also.  You said no. You don't want anything.  You can remember the happiness time here... As your Thai is not so good, but you still try to say it in Thai. "¼Á¨Óä´é" "àÇÅÒÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊØ¢ ·Õè¹Õè" Oh!! boy  I start crying when I heard that. You said that... be happy.. this is a good time that god let us meet and stay very close, otherwise we will not be able to stay very close like this.  You said that we must thank god, thank buddha to let this opportunity for us. 

Awww... You are right!  but I could not stop crying especially when I think about there is only a few days left between us.  The happiness time come and pass very fast.. It is so short.  Anyway that's good time to memorize, that will last in my heart forever and I am sure that will be in your heart also. 

I can not imagine about our last day here.  How can I stop crying???  It must be a thousand times tougher than tonight.   But I feel good to see you are still strong.  You didn't cry.  Boy..You are so smart.....thank you for being smart!! I don't want to see your tear..!!

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