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5 years ago
I met a woman, who was sitting near the pond.
I could tell from her face. She looked so confuse.
She was crying....crying her heart out..
Can I help you? I said ...
She said she didn't know what to do next after her love had gone.
She wanted to get over him, but it seems to be the hardest thing.
"I would died....I just could live my life without him.
I 'd never felt like this before. I trusted him always.
How could he do this to me?
I sat next to her....kept quiet and listened.
I knew she could not walk away from him. I told her if you want to...just go ahead....
3 months later..
she headed back to me and then we sat and had a long talk again..
" I found his secret diary behind the curtain in his room"
"What da hell!! I said..
She opened and read his diary... she found that she was not the only one again.
There were number 4, 5 ...
She started crying her heart out again.
God.. I didn't know how and what to do to help her.
I just listened quietly.
Afterthat she told me that there was another guy came into her life.
He was the one...the only one to tell her to keep on loving him.
I knew that this guy fell for her.
and I knew how much she hated this guy.
He came into her house,met her family...been very nice to her.
When she told the story to him, of coz he was so angry and envy him.
she tried to do evertything to get rid of the seconde guy and yes.. to please her bf.
but thing was getting in a wrong way...
She went to me again and agian.. crying
I really don't know when she would stop.
She asked me the hardest question.
"Stay with the one you love or stay with the one who love you"
I wanted cry no more...I found his note writing to me and another girl.
he compared me and her...
I saw her crying again almost an hour.
She told me she wanted cry no more.
She wanted to break up with him.
" Walking away from him would be the best way. I could not be the number one.....
because that meant there were number 2....
I came from the broken family and I saw my mom felt sorrow so many times.
I would leave him and get marry with another guy"
What......!!!! Marriage was not the answer of everything...
She nodded." I would get marry with the guy who I could stay with him forever.
and from now on I would be the only one..not  the number one anymore."
I asked him very difficult questions of my life. and he said,
I knew how much he loved you and I definitly knew that you would never stop lovig him or for get him.
Please go on for your love. and I would raise the new love life in your heart.
I would love to have you stand beside me.
I meet her again.She is smiling at me.
How are you? I begin a simply question.
I am very happy with a good family with a very naughty daughter.
and I just met him..my first deep love.
I can tell you that I love him.
He has his new life..his new love.
I am so happy to him...
I said  I'm glad to hear that
She 's smiling at me tell me she will say a little pray to him
The one who she love so much and will keep him into the deepest part of her heart.
I just want him to be happy.
This is all I want.
I am glad to hear that.
Next time when she turn her face and starting to tell the mirror...I hope she will cry no more.
The little pond who are the real big ocean now...
She's smiling at me and said this was just a thing that came and passed her by....
You never have a chance to feel the coldness from the same wind.
but you can thinking of it...from the deepest of your heart.
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mamy aey
15 .. 2551 12:32:43
»Í¹´ì á»ÅäÁèÍÍ¡ 555 äÇéÇèÒ§æ¨ÐÁÒ¹Ñè§á»Å¹Ð¨êÐ
15 .. 2551 13:36:22
ͧ¤ìŧËÃÍá¡Ãê äÍé»Í¹´ì

ªÑé¹µéͧÁÒ¹Ñè§á»Å ((ẺÇèÒ ÍÂÒ¡ÍèÒ¹à§éÍ))

16 .. 2551 12:21:30
"Stay with the one you love or stay with the one who love you"

once, this was the question i asked myself though - but after i went through that bad experience, i always believe that everything will go on the better way - cheers!!!
16 .. 2551 13:11:24