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~~Good opportunity VS nervousness~~ [6924/0]
Another day went by. [171/4]
The first time our love story is told. [239/9]

~~Good opportunity VS nervousness~~




I love you. I slept ok last night. I thought about you when I went to bed last night as every day and night honey.


I am so sorry for this morning honey. I don’t know if I should be happy or not. You told me that you got the response from Black Water. To me it is like you have 70% to get this job. You are going for the training and finally you will get the job. “Baghdad”, this word just freaks me out. I know you have trained to be the place like that.  But I am so nervous for you to move from where you are now to there honey. I was shocked, nervous, confused and everything when you first told me. I am sorry, I know I suppose to more support for you. I am really sorry honey.


I know there will be more money and more new experiences. And you are doing it for us. I truly understand that honey. I just couldn’t overwhelm my nervousness honey. You know how much I want you to be with me. I just hate it when you have to go to the dangerous places honey. I love you so much honey.


Thank you for talking to me more tonight honey. I feel a little bit better honey. Thank you so much.


I am trying to get use to it honey. I am trying to not be too much worried.  I will be here supporting you honey. So you won’t feel like you are alone. I don’t want you to feel like that. I love you honey. I am sorry if I made you felt like that earlier. But I didn’t mean it honey. I love you and I am here for you honey. We will make it to the day we are waiting for honey. Love you soo much.


I will try to go to bed tonight honey. I know there are many things to think about. But I don’t want to wake up late tomorrow. I will talk to you tomorrow and we will talk some more honey.


Good night  and I love you all my heart honey,

Your wife
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